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About Us

The inspiration for the Zany Zak product line came from Zak, Lori’s playful Samoyed. Lori is an entrepreneur and pet lover that wanted to create a line of collars and leashes that would be unique and show off your pet's personality.

Lori leads the Zany Zak team from Black Forest, Colorado. Zany Zak is distributed across the nation in multiple boutique shops and in Europe. Zany Zak is proud to donate and help support local and national dog/cat rescue groups, charities and an organization that is most dear to our heart, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Zany Zak offers an array of unique products to provide your pet fashionista with a distinguished look! Zany Zak collars are one of a kind made from very durable, stylish and lightweight materials. Our collars are made to last and withstand up to 225 pounds of tension!

The mission of Zany Zak is to celebrate the love and relationship between pets and their human companions. Our animal friends give us unconditional love and it is our responsibility to love and care for them all during their lives. Zany Zak wants to offer our customers high quality, unique and designer pet items they cannot find anywhere else. All of the Zany Zak collars and leashes are handmade in the USA with careful attention to detail, durability and safety! We are a family owned business and you, our customers are our number one priority. Our customers deserve the very best for their pets and it’s our goal to make your online shopping experience enjoyable and fun!


About Zak

When we call Zak “Zany,” we are not using the term lightly. Zak is known for his crazy but lovable antics ranging from a loopy pirate when he wants a treat to a prankster when he’s feeling mischievous. Zak participates in a wide range of activities and has a variety of passions, just like any other dog. He likes to travel to the mountains of Colorado and enjoys being a very spoiled and loved Samoyed.